10 Tips For Viva And Practicals

10 Tips For Viva And Practicals

10 Tips For Viva And Practicals

Viva and practicals are the most threatening events in an engineer’s life. These are the toughest things he ever faces in his four years. There are numerous questions running through the mind before appearing for the practicals, like

Which experiment will I get to Perform?
How will be the external who is taking the Viva?
What if I get the Experiment I didn’t study for?
What if I did not get the output? can viva save me?

All these questions are genuine and everyone goes through this phase.Here are some Tips for Viva and Practicals, it can help you to get better results.


Things you should try to follow few hours before appearing for the exam,

1) Calm down and breathe:

Working yourself up is only going to make things worse, by stopping you sleeping and making you ill. Find a way to relax, be it yoga, running, meditation or video games; but find something to help you stay calm.

2) Do something fun: 

Don’t spend all your time studying. You still need to have fun, You want to be fresh on the day, so go out and have some fun (maybe a hang out with those friends you’ve neglected over the last months/ years) or Have a round of video games with your friends. Listening to light music may also help you feel relaxed.

3) Look Good:

You might have had a hectic semester and you were not able to concentrate on your wardrobe, your clothes might be dull and not ironed since ages but take out some time and get your clothes through the laundry once. you should make proper efforts to dress smart on your viva day.Firstly, looking good will help your self-esteem, making you feel more confident. In some case, there might be a dress code so don’t mess yourself up.

4) Believe in yourself:

 You have spent the last few months reading about, writing about and doing your practicals. You are the expert; you know your stuff, remember that.

5) Sleep Well:

You might not be prepared or you have a lot of stuff to be completed or may be any other issue, don’t let this affect your sleep, have a proper sleep before the examination day. A good night’s sleep is essential to stay fresh in body and mind.

Viva And Practicals test your skills to the extreme

10 Tips For Viva And Practicals

Something you should remember when you are in the examination hall.

1) Take deep breaths:

If you’ve been made to wait, have a glass of water and take some deep breaths so that your voice is regulated and you don’t seem shaky.Also, prepare a small talk you would be having at the beginning with the examiner. This is essential to break the ice and you’re at ease instead of sounding like a diffident person.

2) Go in with a good attitude.

Don’t see the examiners as evil torturers who get kicks out of making you suffer. They want you to pass. However, if you go in thinking that they want you to fail you’ll not only be more scared, you’ll also be more defensive, which isn’t always a good thing. Instead, try to think of your examiners as people who are really interested in what you have done and who understand all the problems and pitfalls associated with the experiment.

3) Give Your Best:

Whatever you know about the presented question give your best, If you don’t know the answer to the asked question just say “I don’t know”, do not try to fool the examiner (Remember that he knows more than you) answering wrong will have a bad impact rather than saying you don’t know it.

4) If you feel you’ve failed:

You really had a bad try at the experiment and you could not perform the given experiment. Do not panic, it will not take you anywhere, rather think what next you can do to get yourself out of the situation. A good viva after a really bad practical can increase the chances of your success.

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