Baseband Transmission Digital Communication


is type of transmission that is using current to send signal over the
wire as digital wave. It can transmit only one signal at a time, due to
requirement of the exclusive use of the wire. This type of transmission
is allowing only on device to transmit in the network at one time, while
other devices need to wait for the end of transmission.
While in some cases baseband supports full-duplexing, in
most cases the half-duplexing is used for sending signals upstream and
Ethernet is using baseband for LANs. If the data is needed
to be send to a server, network interface card is making request to use
the wire. While the wire is busy, NIC retries its request. When the wire
is available, the data is being sent. The process takes milliseconds
and is not noticeable by user.

Broadband Signal
is using analog signal that is modulated. It is used to transmit cable
TV to premises. Broadband is using different frequencies which increases
amount of data it can carry at one time. The amount of data is higher
25 times compared to the baseband. Usually broadband is transmitting
data in one direction, towards user. If user needs to send data, an
individual channel is used for data and special amplifiers are used for
data separation. While broadband signal can travel longer distances it
is having additional expenses due to the use of extra equipment.

Topics Covered:

  1. What is baseband transmission?
  2. Difference between baseband and broadband
  3. Multiplexing
  4. MUX Hierarchy
  5. Line Codes/Data Formats
  6. Power Spectral Density (PSD)
  7.  Frame Sychronization


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Baseband Transmission Ppt

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