According to the latest statistics, the proportion of users accessing the Internet from mobile platforms is approximately equal to those who prefer to do it the old-fashioned way from desktop devices.

This is due to a significant improvement in the functionality of the first. The best browsers for Android – the most common operating system among mobile gadgets – are distinguished by their speed, the ability to cope with the main tasks of such programs no worse than their desktop counterparts, and the comparative “lightweight”.

Best Browsers on Android Devices

The best options are presented in the following article.

Google Chrome

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It is one of the best browsers for an Android tablet or other devices on a similar platform. Chrome is pretty fast, easy to switch between tabs, and significantly expands the functionalities.

Chrome is endowed with the ability to compress the opened content by more than half, without compromising its quality. This is especially useful for users who, due to circumstances, have to be content with a slow Internet connection.

It has automatic protection against dangerous web content. When you try to go to suspicious pages, it displays a corresponding warning.

Because of its speed and convenience, Google Chrome is frequently one of the best browsers for gambling lovers. Whether you want to discover theĀ best cricket odds in 22Bet or play your favorite slot games, the browser has everything you need for the ultimate experience.

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Mozilla Firefox

One of the contenders for the title of the best browser for Android is slightly inferior in speed to the previous version but wins due to some other properties. One of its clear advantages is a well-thought-out security system.

The browser prudently blocks web pages that threaten the user with unauthorized tracking of his data.

Firefox is equipped with a built-in antivirus, and a blocker of unnecessary advertising content (connected if the user wishes). It also synchronizes with data of a similar browser from a paired PC.

Opera Mini

According to some experts, it is the best browser for Android. The mini version of Opera is supported by its incredible download speed, which saves gadget owners a lot of precious megabytes of traffic (and this indicator can be tracked in the settings submenu).

This effect is achieved by using the specified utility to unload the desired content from its own servers. The browser does not save information from web portals viewed in a special private mode.

For those that are most frequently visited, the user has the right to move with one click to the main page – to speed up the subsequent transition.


Many experts call this software product the best browser for Android. They say it with the proviso that owners of sufficiently powerful gadgets will be able to fully experience their potential. They will certainly appreciate the incredible advantage of Dolphin.

You have the ability to watch movies or other video content directly in one of the windows, without the need to install additional plug-ins or utilities.

It interacts well in full-screen format with all kinds of browser-based gaming applications. The browser is equipped with a regularly updated news feed, which is great.

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UC Browser

It will certainly appear among the answers to the question of which browser is better for Android smartphones. It has a number of attractive features that make it worthy of such a title. It is able to compress traffic, equipped with a fairly flexible boot manager.

In case of an unexpected failure in the Network, it then resumes uploading from the point of the previous stop. UC Browser is controlled by gestures if desired and endowed with an ad blocker. There is a built-in Facebook acceleration mode.

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