How Much is Product Manager Salary?

The Product Manager is an important part of an organization and hence a Product Manager salary is also a crucial aspect he needs to be paid good so as to grow the company to its fullest extent, before getting into the deep sector determining a product manager salary.

Who is a Product Manager?

The concept of Product Manager is similar to the concept of a brand manager at a consumer packaged goods company. It can be said that the Product Manager is the CEO of the particular product assigned to him and he is responsible for building a strategy, a roadmap and execution plan towards the product. The Product Manager Salary depends on the overall profit and loss of the product.

The definition of a product manager can be stated as

“to discover a product that is valuable, usable and feasible”


How Much is Product Manager Salary

How Much is Product Manager Salary?

What are the roles of a product manager?


  • Acts as the CEO of the Product
  • Product Manager salary owns “what” and “why”.
  • Focus is on customers, markets, trends, and revenue
  • Drives creativity in the organization
  • Does market research
  • Develops a list of feature set for product
  • Creates product flow
  • Manages the product roadmap
  • Develops use cases
  • Manages the issue list
  • Understands business as well as user experience
  • Can influence product shipping dates and market
  • Product Manager salary is evaluated on success of the product itself
  • A product manager is successful if the customer has brought  and using the product
roles of a product manager

Roles of a Product Manager?

So here was a rough overview on what exactly is a product manager and how exactly a product management functions, without wasting much time lets move on to the most important topic and what you all guys have been waiting for :p

Lets get to it

How Much is Product Manager Salary?

The salary of a product manager differs from country to country as we move from east to west but we can go with an average number by considering the overall Product Manager Salary.

Product Manager Salaries in the United States

The average Product Manager Salary in the United States is
United States – $103,327 Per Year
Product Manager salaries according to Cities
Salary of Product Manager San Francisco, CA Area Avg
San Francisco – $117,444 Per Year
Salary of Product Manager New York City, NY Area Avg
New York City – $104,458 Per Year

Salary of Product Manager in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco – $96,866Per Year


Product Manager Salary in San Francisco$117,444
Product Manager Salary in New York City$104,458
Product Manager Salary in San Francisco$96,866
Product Manager Salary in Boston$101,600
Product Manager Salary in Atlanta$94,761
Product Manager Salary in  Austin$98,514
Product Manager’s Salary in Seattle$114,134
Product Manager’s Salary in  San diego$103,124
Product Manager’s Salary in Denver, CO$88,392
Product Manager’s Salary in Dallas$95,247
Product Manager’s Salary in Minneapolis$95,000

Product Manager Salary According to Companies

Thomson Reuters$1,19,519


Bloomberg L.P.$1,60,460
J.P. Morgan$1,28,336
BASF Corporation$1,15,860
Dun & Bradstreet$1,30,116
E*TRADE Financial$97,567
Johnson & Johnson





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