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Here are some really weird interview questions which will catch you off guard. The main aim of the interview is not to test your skills and technical knowledge but to test how you react to a panic situation.

They try throw random questions at you and you just need to listen the question properly and think over it twice before answering, If you panic and answer randomly without thinking over it much Bang…! You are out.

Here are some questions asked in job interviews which were really tricky and lets learn how to answer interview questions

Interview Questions and Answers

When patriotism hit high

Panelist 1: Do you know who wrote the Indian National Anthem?

Student’s reply: Yes Sir, Rabindranath Tagore

Panelist 1: Ok, sing it now.

Student: [Stood up] Jana Gana Mana…

Panelist 2: Stop, otherwise we have to stand up too.

Result: Failed

Here is another incident which really shows how you could be targeted


When Delhi elections took a toll.

(Background:A guy was screaming a lot in the Group Discussion as well as the interview. Around the time of my interviews, During the New Delhi elections were going on where Kiran Bedi had referred to Arvind Kejriwal as ‘Upadravi’ for being an anarchist)

Somewhere during the interview,

Panelist 1 (in Hindi): Upadravi gotr ke ho kya?

Student: Sorry sir, I didn’t get that.

Panelist 2 (while going through my marksheets): Rehne do, isko samajh nahi aayega, 10th mein Hindi mein kam marks hain.

Student: Banged his head.

Result: Rejected.

When the question of dowry was brought to the table

Interviewer 1: Why are people poor?

Student: Not very sure, sir. Any options?

Interviewer 2: Oh! But you should know. It’s because they don’t have money. It’s simple.

Student:… Apologies Sirs, but isn’t this the ‘meaning’ of being ‘poor’, and not the reason?

Interviewer 2: (Silent)

Interviewer 1 (in his excitement to go one-up): “… He’s poor because he’s not earning. Hence, no money.”

Student: “apologies Sirs again. But is he poor because he is not earning out of laziness, or he is working and not being paid, or, is he ready to work and earn, but is not getting a job.”

Interviewer 1: Have you studied Economics in your B.Tech?

Student: “No, sir our canteen supervisor in the hostel is really poor, and he has a Master’s in English”

Result: Approved.

When the love of Math took over

Panelist: You seem to know a lot of math. What do you like in it?

Student: I like numbers, Sir.

Panelist: Ok. So tell us, what is the absolute truth?

Student: (Wow, what? Where did that come from and how is that related to numbers.) How would I know, Sir? I’m just a human being. They say God knows the absolute truth.

Panelist: Ok then, define God mathematically.

Student: Sir, God is the One. (They smile).

Result: Selected.


Too much randomness

Panelist: Spell the word COW in thirteen letters?

Candidate: Well! Caaaouuuuu.

Panelist: It’s “SEE O DOUBLE YOU”


When Comparison between 2 B-schools took over

Panelist 1 (male): What do you know about IIM Calcutta?

Student: *Gave a standard well-versed answer mostly from the content on their website*

Panelist 2 (female): Okay, tell me what do you know about IIM Bangalore?

Student (taken by surprise): Annn.. Ma’am, it is one of the best B-schools in the country. (Clueless about what more should I add)

Panelist 2: So you know more about Calcutta than Bangalore? Didn’t you get a call from IIM Bangalore?

Student: Ma’am, I do have the call from IIM Bangalore, but its interview is two weeks later. (With a poker face)

Result: Selected.

When Everything was kept aside and the question that lingered on was about email ids.

 Panelist 1: So tell me Abhishek why do you have ‘1993’ in your email-id?

Student: Sir, I needed a bit more professional id as compared to my previous one.

Panelist2: So what was your previous id?

Student: Sir, it was [email protected] <smiling like an idiot>

<Both laughing at me>
Panelist 2: So you think you are not perfect anymore?

*Suddenly the pseudo-intellectual philosopher in me wakes up*

Student: Sir, even the air around me is not ideal, how can I be perfect.

Result: Selected.

When things got way too philosophical

Interviewer: Tell me anything you know whose heading will surprise me and the explanation will shock me. More the impact, more will be your chances of success. Heading and Explanation both can be independent.Student: Let me try. First of all, tell me what are you fascinated about?

Interviewer: Ok! From my childhood, I was really fascinated about my existence. What am I made of? Why am I here? These types of stuff.

Student: Why you did not choose a career in research?

Interviewer: There are things that are beyond our explanation. Well, answer my question.

Student: Do you know that the life we live is 50% dream and 50% reality?

Interviewer: You are successful. Explain?

Student: Something else. An electron is neither revolving around the nucleus in circular path nor in elliptical paths. It is something like a bee hovering around her honey.

Result: Selected


When someone asks you to draw intersecting parallel lines

 Interviewer: What is the sum of angles of a triangle?

Student: Sir, um, interior angles or exterior angles?

Interviewer: Interior.

Student: 180

Interviewer: Can there be two lines which are parallel and not intersecting?

Student: Sir, can you please repeat the question?

Interviewer: Draw and show it to me.” (Passed a paper and a pen)

Student: Again, after thinking for some time: I can’t, I need a ruler.

Result: Selected


When the question of dowry was brought to the table

Panelist 1: Why exactly do you want to come to this campus, because I feel that it has nothing to do with what we offer but just that you want to go home and brag about getting the admission here to your friends and parents and get a large dowry later on. Why do you want to get here?

Student: I am not aware of the dowry part. But if what you say is correct, I shall surely go back home and renegotiate.

(The interviewer bursts out laughing)

Student:  I really want to be here. Period.

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