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dsp processor

Digital signal processor (DSP)/DSP Processor is a special type of microprocessor (or a SIP block), with its architecture optimized for the operational needs of digital signal processing.

Digital Signal Processors (DSP processor) take real-world signals like voice, audio, video, temperature, pressure, or position that have been digitized and then mathematically manipulate them. A DSP is designed for performing mathematical functions like “add”, “subtract”, “multiply” and “divide” very quickly.


C6713DSK in CCSv5

C6713DSK in CCSv5

What is inside a DSP processor?


A DSP contains these key components:


  • Data Memory: Stores the information to be processed by processor
  • Program Memory: Stores the programs which the DSP will use to process data
  • Input/Output: Serves a range of functions to connect to the outside world
  • Compute Engine:It performs the math processing, accessing the program from the Program Memory and data from  Data Memory

Required Softwares

Download board support files from Spectrum Digital Website.
Unpack all files to C:
Download CSL form TI website
Install it at C:C6xCSL directory
Set all of jumpers on SW3 and SW1 to OFF
Connect USB then connect power

Run 6713SDKDiag.exe from C:DSK6713drivers to check emulator connection

Following is a step by step guide to setup a DSP processor using Non real steps CCS v5.3 DSK6713

Step 1
Click on ccs5.3.0 icon as shown below

How To Configure and Run DSP Processor

Workspace window will get open select as default or you can give your location.

DSP Processor

How To Configure and Run DSP Processor

Close TI Explorer window


configure dsp processor

Create new target configuration
File–> new–> targetconfiguration

How To Configure and Run DSP Processor

Filename: test1.ccxml

configure dsp processor


Connection: spectrum digital DSK-EVM-eZdsp on board USB emulatorBoard or device: TMS320C6713

Connection: spectrum digital dsk evm ezdsp on board usb emulator Board or device: tms320c6713
View–> targetconfiguration
target configuration
Right-click on your target configuration window open at right side, set as default
configure dsp processor
It will jump from edit perspective to debug perspective.


Run –> connect target



configure dsp processor
Your target is connected.
Create  new project
File–>new –> ccs project
How To Configure and Run DSP Processor
Select as shown below.(DSP Processor)
dsp processor
Write the code in main.c file or copy paste.
Right click on project –> build project
How To Configure and Run DSP Processor
It will generate the .out file in debug folder.
Move from edit perspective to debug prospectively.
Also Read
It will generate the .out file in debug folder. Move from edit perspective to debug prospective.
Run –> load –>load program.
configure dsp processor
Browse project
Select Debug –> xyz.out
run dsp processor
run dsp processor
Run –> resume.
run dsp processor
See the output on a console.
configure dsp processor
To see the graph.

Tools –> graph –> single time

Select as shown
run dsp processor
run dsp processor

Real time

It is same like non real but you need to add BSL and CSL file.
Copy real time codec code to main.c.
run dsp processor
Right click on project –> add files
dsp processor
run dsp processor
run a dsp processor
Add header file for csl and bsl.
Right click on project properties –> include option
Add dir to #include click on green colour plus sign symbol.
run dsp processor
Predefined symbol –>  pre-define Name
click on green colour plus sign symbol.
Type CHIP_6713 and save.
dsp processor
Now debug the code and  load the .out file to board same like non real procedure.
Possibility error
Install again and again
Disable antivirus or uninstall
Add gel files:
configure dsp processor
Linker command file : C:CCStudio_v3.1tutorialdsk6713hello1hello.cmd
Run time support libarray: C:/CCStudio_v3.1/C6000/cgtools/lib/rts6700.lib
How To Configure and Run DSP Processor

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