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 pic microcontroller

PIC stands for peripheral interface controller

Whereas F stands for Flash it represents the type of memory used,
In 2000, Microchip introduced the PIC18 architecture.Unlike the 17 series,with a large number of device variants presently in manufacture. In contrast to earlier devices, which were more often than not programmed in assembly, C has become the predominant development language.




Parameters of PIC18F4520 micro controller

Features of PIC18f4520


Pin Diagram Of PIC18F4520

pin diagram of pic18f4520


The 18 series inherits most of the features and instructions of the 17 series while adding a number of important new features:


PIC18 uses flash memory so that a data can be saved and erased number of times as per user requirement, not only this the battery used is used to give the clock to the device.

Features of PIC microcontroller


        Up to 10 MIPS Performance at 3V
        C compiler optimized RISC architecture
        8×8 Single Cycle Hardware Multiply


        Internal oscillator support-31 kHz to 8MHz with 4xPLL
        Fail-Safe Clock Monitor- allows safe shutdown if clock fails
        Watchdog Timer with separate RC oscillator
        Wide operating Voltage range; 2.0V to 5.5V

 nanoWatt Power Managed Modes

        Run, Idle and SLEEP modes
        Idle mode currents down to 5.8uA typical
        Sleep mode currents down to 0.1uA typical

 Analog Features

        10-bit ADC, 13 channels, 100K samples per second
        Programmable Low Voltage Detection Module
        Programmable Brown-out-Reset Module
        Two Analog Comparators multiplexing


        Master Synchronous Serial Port supports SPI™ and I2C™ master and slave mode
        EUSART module including LIN bus support
        Four Timer modules
        Up to 5 PWM outputs
        Up to 2 Capture / Compare


  1. Small instruction set to learn and implement
  2. PIC has RISC architecture
  3. Built-in oscillator with selectable speeds
  4. Easy entry level, in-circuit programming plus in-circuit debugging PICkit units available for less than $50
  5. Inexpensive microcontrollers
  6. Wide range of interfaces including I²C, SPI, USB, USART, A/D, programmable comparators, PWM, LIN, CAN, PSP, and Ethernet
  7. Availability of processors in DIL package make them easy to handle for hobby use.

Comparison between PIC Microcontroller and 8051 Microcontroller

8051- if u want a cheap controller with basic functions then 8051 will suffice . It will be of great use in your low-cost college projects.

PIC- Cheap , used in refrigerators and low budget projects .

8051 and PIC need multiple clock cycles per instruction. AVR and ARM execute most instructions in a single clock cycle.

8051 and PIC have limited stack space – limited to 128 bytes for the 8051, and as little as 8 words or less for PIC. Writing a C compiler for these architectures must have been challenging, and compiler choice is limited.

Real Time Applications and Projects of PIC Microcontroller

1) PIC can be used to design Data Acquisition System
2)Digital clock can be implemented using PIC
3)Frequency counter is another application

4)PIC can be used as Timers, counters

5)We can design a calculator using PIC

Download Datasheet of PIC18F4520

Check out how to use PIC microcontroller using PICKit 3 or Proteus.

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