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Recruiting talented and responsible employees that we can count on has always been a challenge.  While the internet has made this process easier in some respects, it’s made it more difficult in others.  For instance, while we may get more applicants for an open position, it can be harder to screen them for any false credentials.

When hiring a mechanical engineer, the ability to easily flag any applicants who don’t seem to have relevant credentials or simply screen them based on certain responses to questions is critical.  Trying to automate that process is complicated, unfortunately, and may unintentionally eliminate valuable candidates.

What’s the solution, then?  To an extent, it will depend on how much time and effort you want to put into the process on your own.

A potential option is to utilize mechanical engineering recruitment companies, which we’ll be covering in further detail here today.  Otherwise, it’ll probably turn out to be a lot of manual work, which isn’t all that appealing.

What is a Mechanical Engineering Position?

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Mechanical Engineering Position

Since the field of mechanical engineering is such a vast one, let’s take a moment to define what these positions might look like. 

Although the specifics might be different between companies, you’ll want to post a job listing for one if you’re looking for someone who can develop, build, and/or test any mechanical devices such as thermal devices and sensors.  

Now, bear in mind that you can search for candidates with a mechanical engineering degree for more positions as well. 

Further examples may include civil engineering, maintenance engineering, and certain technician positions.  As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that a company might be looking for an expert in this field.

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Why Use a Recruitment Company?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s discuss why you might want to use a recruitment company to help fill any mechanical engineering positions you have available. 

We mentioned it briefly above, but trying to read through a bunch of job applications all alone can be tedious.  While the initial reaction may be to try to automate it using an AI service, this approach can introduce its own set of risks.

After all, we can’t necessarily teach an AI to recognize exceptions to a rule like we could a real person, right?  So, if you leave combing through the applications entirely up to AI, valuable applicants could get passed over because of an instance of poor wording (or something else along those lines).  

Since the qualifications of a mechanical engineer vary outside of just the degree itself (as you can see on this page), these types of listings do require more of a personal touch when considering potential hires.  That’s where a recruitment company can come into play.

Depending on which one you utilize, they’ll prioritize a variety of factors as they sort through applicants. 

Additionally, many of them have a network of contacts that they can call upon in the case that you can’t find a right fit in the current pool.  The biggest benefit here is that you won’t have to spend valuable time doing it on your own.

Instead, you can have trusted professionals helping you through the process and ensuring that you can truly get the best fit for the job.  It’s pretty simple in terms of how it works, as well, which we’re covering next!

How it Works

Once you’ve decided to use a recruitment company and you’ve settled on which one out of the many out there, then you can begin working with them to create an “ideal” profile for a candidate.  This helps give them an idea of what you’re looking for to fill the position, since this is one of the biggest variables involved. 

Hopefully, this consultation stage won’t last too long.  From there, they’ll post the listing as well as reach out through their own network to locate a “best fit.”  You can see an example of how that might look here: https://journals.co.za/doi/abs/10.10520/EJC95863

However, it will be different based on what company you decide to work alongside in this venture.

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Is a Recruitment Agency Worth it?

To conclude today, we’ll consider whether or not these agencies are worth the hit on our wallet.  Admittedly, they do cost more than trying to comb through applications alone.  

However, recruitment agencies save a lot of time and energy which you can then put towards other aspects of your business, which is generally a net positive.

Additionally, they can help ensure that whichever applications do get passed along to you are the cream of the crop. 

You won’t have to worry about false resume claims or anything of the sort through this method, which is another benefit.  Even though it may seem like it costs more, the positives tend to outweigh any negatives involved.  

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