Over the past ten years, technology has advanced significantly, positively and negatively. The average child didn’t know much about the internet before this technological revolution, but it’s fairly commonplace now.

Younger children have access to the internet more frequently. With so much exposure, parents must limit the content their children can see. Given how curious kids are and how much improper content is on the internet, you never know what they might see. Because of this, parents must learn how to keep tabs on and supervise their children’s internet activity.

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Different Ways to Track Online History on a Cell Phone

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The internet is sometimes awful; kids may still use it to communicate, play games, and learn many new skills. While the internet can be a great source of educational and amusing material, it can also be a dangerous place for children to go unaccompanied.

Nonetheless, you can shield your children from delicate material in several ways. One of these methods is monitoring the resources people access online. We’ll walk you through the various ways to keep an eye on and trace your child’s online activities if you need help figuring out how to access their web browsing history and activities.

Before we get too technical, though, the easiest way is to talk with your kid about what they are doing online. To ensure you can securely select what kids can and cannot eat, developing confidence with them would be a fantastic place to start.

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1. Browsing History on Safari

  1. Open Safari’s browser app and select the “Book” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select history from that.
  3. Now select the clock-type icon on the right side.
  4. You only have to hold down on an entry if you want to remove it.
  5. A selection box and a brief demonstration of the page should be visible. To remove the web page from your browser’s history, select “Delete” from the option that appears.

That’s one method of doing this, and it’s pretty easy. Comparably, you can find an even simpler way to monitor your web history. To remove any history item, swipe left on it. On the other hand, click “Clear” at the bottom of the screen to erase the complete history of your browser. You should see a menu open up; choose how much history you wish to delete and finish.

2. Track Internet History Using iPhone Settings

On the other hand, a slightly different solution works with the iPhone and doesn’t require the Safari browser. Using the saved cookies on the iPhone, you can see websites that you have recently visited. Cookies function similarly to a cache of the actions of the web browser.

Here are a few steps to follow: 

  1. Go to the settings on your device
  2. Search Safari; there are options
  3. Select Safari from the available options
  4. Now select “Advanced” from the options
  5. Select “Website Data” from the top
  6. Select edit on the top right, and if you want to delete, then select the minus icon.

3. Track Browsing History on Google Chrome

Another well-liked browser for iOS and Android consumers is Google Chrome. One convenient characteristic of Chrome is its ability to synchronize bookmarks, the past, and online activities across numerous devices under a single account.

  1. Select three dots from the top right side
  2. Now select “History.” 
  3. You can now delete the history from there.

On the other hand, select “Clear browsing data” at the very top of the page if you want to erase the full history of your browser. This takes you to a screen where you can check the box for browsing history, including all connected data to websites you visit, cookies, and cached data.

An Automated Option – Use a Cell Phone Monitoring App

Although numerous traditional methods exist to monitor and record your child’s internet activity, we also have access to more advanced and automated systems. Using a spy app or device tracking software is very covert yet efficient.

Thanks to monitoring applications, parents can now finally lift the veil of mystery and ambiguity around what their children may or may not be viewing. Labor businesses can also monitor employees to ensure they are not engaging in unusual behavior. With the help of these apps, you can keep an eye on anyone’s browsing history from a distance without ever having to use your phone or tablet.

1. Using mSpy to track web history

Parental and guardian accessibility to all information stored on their children’s smartphones and other devices is made possible with the highly recommended spy program mSpy. You can see their emails, texts, social media profiles, and web page history.

Using this app, you can set geo-restriction limitations, monitor your child’s whereabouts, and access the media material on their cell phones. You can even go so far as to prevent using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Both iOS and Android smartphones can download the mSpy app. However, it’s important to note that the functions might differ. However, both platforms have the identical possibility of viewing the browser history.

With mSpy’s recording of screens function on the Android system, you may discreetly record or capture pictures of anything you’re looking at.

Here are some pricing plans: 

  • $48.99 monthly (One month plan)
  • $27.99 monthly (Three-month program)
  • $11.66 monthly (One year plan)

Free trials are not available for this app.

How to Track Online History on a Cell Phone with mSpy?

  1. Login to your profile
  2. Select “Browser history” from options
  3. The other page shows the telephone history
  4. You can also open a new tab

2. Using uMobix to Track Online History

Like mSpy, uMobix is an effective mobile phone surveillance program for monitoring your child’s gadgets. Despite being somewhat recent and not as well-known, it doesn’t lessen how excellent it is. With the help of this software, you can keep an eye on your child’s social media accounts, track text and phone communications, restrict contacts from messaging them, and much more.

It also features an integrated GPS tracker that lets it always know your child’s exact spot, time, and date. It may be useful for keeping track of your youngster in an emergency.

For Android

  • $29.99 (Basic Plan)
  • $49.99 (One month)
  • $79.99 (Three months)
  • $149.99 (One year)

For iOS

  • $29.99 (Basic plan)
  • $59.99 (One month)
  • $99.99 (Three months)
  • $179.88 (One year)

How to track online history on a cell phone with uMobix?

Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Log in to your app
  2. Select “Browser history” 
  3. Choose “Internet history” on the right of the page
  4. It will display all the history

Bonus App to Track Online History – XNSPY

We also suggest the XNSPY, which gives you access to every page your child or staff has viewed or marked. Installing this user-friendly mobile app is simple and lets you watch things from a distance.

The XNSPY application is exclusive to their website; it is unavailable on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. On any device, though, you may download it straight from the website. For the XNSPY to periodically back up data from the device you want to monitor requires a connection to the internet.

Mobile Phone Internet History Tracking Methods and Apps Comparison

We now need to establish which approach is the most effective definitively. And the accompanying table gives a good picture of it.

Apps or methods


Extra features




Monitor or erase browsing history

iOS and Android

Google Chrome


Monitor or erase browsing history



$11.66 to $48.99 per month

Track all history

iOS and Android

iPhone setting


Track the data history



$29.22 to $59.99 per month

Track all history

iOS and android

Why is mSpy Better to Track the Internet History on Android Devices?

The best thing about mSpy is that it lets you watch your children and your partner, staff, and others. It includes an easy installation procedure and a reliable customer service team if you encounter any problems.

In contrast to the majority, this spy tool allows you to examine erased history—as long as you began watching the device before those records were removed. It would be best if you were prepared because this program can retrieve this info without forcing the device to root.

Its user interface is simple, automatic, and easy to grasp. It is among the greatest apps and quite adaptable. Do you want your children to stay away from dangerous websites? Fear not—mSpy searches a website that has been blocked from access forever.

Why Should Parents Be There to Track Internet History?

Let us assist you if watching your child’s internet activity bothers you. Our young children’s minds are still developing. Thus, there are many genuine risks out there. The following are some of the reasons why you should keep an eye on their online activity:

  • Adultery content
  • The content promoting drugs or crimes
  • 18+ sites or dating sites
  • Harmful links 

You learn more about how your child’s intellect functions. The days of youngsters being able to erase their history to conceal bad deeds are long gone; you can access anything they have or will view.


Children’s safety is your first concern. Therefore, you must educate yourself on how to protect them from harm. Millions of material pages can be found online; some may be beneficial, while others may be dangerous. It’s possible that your children won’t know which is which. Thus, it would be best if you acted as their figurative censor to prevent kids from making poor decisions at such a young age.

You may either trust your children while watching them carefully and using a spy tool to monitor their device’s internet activity, or you can talk with them about the risks they may encounter. In both cases, we advise employing a spy tool because the children typically have no idea what they’re attempting to access. By blocking certain websites, you may ensure they cannot encounter any sexual content.

Spy software can be used for far more than just monitoring the information these children consume. Consider the scenario in which your child vanished or became imprisoned; you would be able to locate them with accuracy. It’s a huge benefit.

Lastly, the web should only be utilized for positive purposes because it may also be one. Install security systems and teach your children morals to make sure they don’t wander off and look for danger for themselves. Additionally, you may always employ spy applications to maintain them in place while keeping a secure distance if they don’t know any better.

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Is it possible to track a mobile phone’s Internet history?

On mobile devices, internet history can be tracked. Although your internet service provider cannot precisely determine what data has been transported, it can see the websites you view. 

Should parents monitor their kids’ online activity?

Many things on the internet are inappropriate for children, yet they can use them. As a result, as a parent, you should be on the lookout to make sure your children aren’t attempting to access any hazardous content when they are online. Even better, you can be sure they aren’t the ones disseminating the offensive material.

How is behavior on the internet observed?

The means of cookies are used to track your activity. These are brief text passages that your browser frequently downloads and records. These files are used to track user internet activity to identify patterns or predicted habits that can be used to improve content filtering. Ads in this content are frequently customized based on your online activities and consumption.

Can the owner of the Wi-Fi see the websites I browse on my phone?

The internet pages you visit on your smartphone or tablet may be visible to Wi-Fi owners or providers, albeit this primarily relies on the Wi-Fi operator. For instance, there will be continuous surveillance to ensure no one tries to access any websites that have been banned in that location.

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